• Curly hairs are a big problem for the few who wish to style their hair daily and wish to give a new style kick to themselves daily. Maintaining and styling the curly hair is the most difficult thing one can do. You take any hair cut, you try any treatment but the curls stay intact and permanent. Getting a straitening done is also not a permanent solution for it. Curly hairs need a lot of care and a number of tips can be used to make your curly hairs look beautiful and make you feel beautiful with them.

    The secret behind how a girl with curly hairs helps her curly to stay intact and in shape so that it does not embarrass her in public. Every girl with curly hairs prefer using a hair cut that does not show off her curls as much or she would prefer using a hair straightening serum.

    A lot of curly hair products are available in the market and lots of them are really worth the cost. But if only you use it “as per the directions” written on the products. Here are some tips to keep your curls intact:

    1. Shampoo daily with a good clarifying shampoo meant especially for curly hairs.

    2. Also use conditioning to soften the hairs.

    3. Comb your hairs in wet and let your hairs air dry. Avoid using hair dryer or anything.

    4. Deep moisturizing treatments are helpful in maintaining the hair texture.

    5. Avoid direct sunlight on the hairs.

    These are a few simple tips which every girl can follow and apply to keep their curls intact. The use of natural hair care products is also useful in maintaining the quality of hairs. Some of the simple ways by which you can preserve your curly hairs and can make them look shiny and beautiful are enlisted below:

    1. Use a lot of coconut oil to moisturize your hairs and also try using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

    2. Massage your hairs with the oil.

    3. Use a wide tooth comb for brushing your hairs.

    4. Avoid using hair dryers.

    The other way is to Nothing but products meant specially for curly hairs and are fit to intact your hairs completely. People think that these products are meant only for the African ladies with the problem of super curly hairs. But it's not at all true. The Nothing but products is meant for all the ladies around the globe who are seriously struggling a lot to intact their curly hairs. The use of these products is easy to use and as they are made up of natural products they have no side effects on your hairs. Visit the Website of “Nothing But products” to know more about the products for curly hairs and also products which are available for hair treatments. As the director of product and development at the company Will Williams have created a number of products ranging from curly hair protections to the shiny hair expert shampoos.


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  • From many thousands of years people have been searching for the solution to hair loss which can develop through time into baldness. This search is mainly associated to the dis-satisfaction with personal welfare that result serious psychological problems. Reasons behind the baldness, hair thickening & hair loss may vary to person to person. The reason may be some genetic problems or the use of chemicals and hair colors in large quantities.

    It may also be caused due to alopecia. Alopecia is also known as androgenetic alopecia or pattern alopecia. Aandrogenetic alopecia is a very common disorder which has been affecting both male and female population. But research describes that androgenetic alopecia is found in much higher rate in males than females, though the fact that the actual expression in males and females differ to a lot extent the same may have been able to show its reflections in the incidences mentioned.

    Generally males face androgenetic alopecia or hair thickening due to genetic problem, but the female pattern baldness is a totally different subject. As already discussed above effect of female pattern baldness is totally different. This usually result in hair thickening, generally the common form of female baldness is known as androgen alopecia. Some medicals professionals also says that the effect is mostly on psychology of females. It may be caused because of any serious illness or accident which involves major surgery women can experience Female Pattern Baldness. Women's Hair Loss and hair thickening is now a very common problem and generally affected between the 25-40 years.

    With the growing environmental problems, hair loss and androgenetic alopecia has really become a common phenomenon these days. If you notice that your hair thickening and hair loss is starting then you must immediately consult a hair care consultant like at Tips Kecantikan, as an old and famous proverb that says: “Prevention is better than cure”. Androgenetic alopecia or Baldness is a condition, which is easily cured if it is handled immediately and properly. Frontal hair loss is disorder with which 75% of male population deals in their lives, difference is that some face it sooner while others later.

    Nowadays almost thousands of Hair care treatment formulas are storming the market. But finding the right one is gets a little difficult. Most suggest the usage of authorized FDA treatments when a person had simply entered the first stage of baldness. This is to stimulate regeneration of hair before baldness worsens. Every one of us, who suffers from this problem seeks quick remedies. And most of us try to fix this problem and fail because of not being able to reach the root cause of the problem. So we have to choose the method that provides better nourishments. The recent times have been successful in providing hair care treatments for all the hair related problems like hair loss, hair thickening, baldness and also for androgentic alopecia. The development in medical sector leads to new ways to develop new hair. 

    The era has seen such special hair care shampoos and balm which has its effects directly to the roots of our hair that will give assurance for better result. The market is flooded with shampoos in the form of cosmetic liquid, gel or cream, made up primarily of surfactants that are intended to cleanse that is, remove dirt from hair, excess sebum, sweat and dead skin cells from the scalp. It is the most important cosmetic for hair care and beauty. And the balms are the form of cosmetic, which is applied after shampoo for a few minutes before rinsing. Thanks to the substances it contains conditioning and restructuring and works in the form of “tonic” for the hair which have been suffering stress in the form of the sun and the sea water and even those impoverished or damaged hair by cosmetic treatments such as permanent dye.

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  • In this modern age each and every person wants to look beautiful and nobody wants ugly spots on her/his face. There are different kinds of spots such as white, brown spots , red spots and dark spots and so on, which can caused due to the side effects of various medications, skin trauma or direct sun exposure  and hormonal changes. These ugly spots make the skin dull and unappealing, even if you have attractive features they will be ignored by others, as your skin spots will overlook them. Though an ugly or spotty skin cannot be treated overnight, but there are some effective tips to avoid these spots. In this article will help you in treating ugly spots and you will get clear and clean skin.

    It is very essential to apply sunscreen before going out; it helps you to get rid from age spots and sunburn. It is also effective to wear correct type of clothes which can prevent you from direct sun exposure.

    You can also make use of skin whitening mask. You can apply the skin whitening one or two times in a week, this would help you to get rid from ugly spots.

    It is also vital to have plenty of water at least 8 to 10 glasses in a day, this would help you to maintain the healthy skin, blemish free and also gives you glowing. Also consume healthy diet like fresh fruits and green vegetables as healthy diet helps you to give glowing skin. Also stay away from oily and junk food as these types of food makes skin oily which can cause acne or pimples on the skin.

    It is also good if you make use of scrubs as these scrubbers helps you to wash out the dead skin and also cleanse your skin on daily basis.

    Make use of bleaching creams or you can also apply lemon juice on your face as lemon has natural bleaching properties.

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  • It is very important to apply proper shade of lipstick to boost the beauty of mouth and lips. To apply lipstick in a correct way, it defines your lips. It is very essential to apply lipstick which matches with your skin tone and your dress as well.

    Applying of lipstick is an art and to give the perfect appearance, for this you require Chap Stick, lip pencil, gloss and a lip brush also. Below are some steps from www.otota.co to get beautiful lips:

    The very first step is to make use of Chap Stick, as Chap Stick helps you maintain the moisture on the lips.

    After applying Chap Stick the next step is to make use of lip liner which suits with your lipstick and make outline on lips. Now take the lip brush and dab it in to a lipstick and apply on to the lips and finally make use of the lip gloss for a shine.

    With the use of lip liner you can change the shape of the lips. If someone has thin lips and want add volume, then you have to use the lip liner bit away from the edge of the lips and then put lipstick till there. This would give you thick look to the lips.

    If somebody has thick lips then you can make use of concealer to the outer area of the lip so that you can cover and then make use of lip liner. Always make use of matte shades of lipstick and do not use the lip gloss.

    If somebody has thin upper lip than lower lip then put lip liner away from the upper lip on the real edge of the lower lip.

    Always press your lips on the tissue it helps you to remove the excess lipstick and this will also provides you soft appearance.

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  • Oatmeal has lots of benefits for skin care. Oatmeal is very advantageous in bath as it helps you to provide you clean and also promotes your skin on the body efficiently.  Oatmeal is also very good as it helps you to alleviates the dryness of the skin and also very effective to bring back the natural dampness balance of the skin and also very useful to lessen the skin irritation and uneasiness. Oatmeal is also very beneficial to cures the various minor skin irritations. Oatmeal is very lightly leaving the skin smooth, soft and silky. The oatmeal cleanser is very effective on skin as it absorbs and takes away the impurities, grime and dirt from the skin.

    There is a simple and easy way to make the recipe of oatmeal bath. For preparing it you will require the oatmeal powder. You can also make it at home also you have to grind the oatmeal and also use warm water for bath. The water should gradually turn to milky and immerse in this bath for 20 minutes. This bath not only calms down you but also gives you marvellous therapeutic properties. Oatmeal bath is also very useful to avoid the skin irritation and also help you to avoid the sunburns.

    You can also make an effective scrub also from oatmeal, which can be applied while bathing as oatmeal is very good for cleaning the skin and also you will not require applying the soap after oatmeal bath treatment. You can add buttermilk, oatmeal and beaten curd and mix well and keep this mixture in the refrigerator for about 2 hours. After two hours it turns to thick paste and you can apply it anywhere on the body and keep this scrub for about 20 minutes and clean it with the warm water and while cleaning you can also add the lemon juice in the water, it is also very good for clean the skin. The oatmeal scrub is very useful for skin as it helps you to lessen the pores and also unclogging pores.

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